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House Sparrows, a commission

Birding friends, Richard and Jean from Montreal, recently asked me to paint a picture for them. The House Sparrow, an old-world sparrow that was introduced to North America, is a busy and engaging little bird, usually found around habitation, but is declining sharply both here and back in its European home. It is the symbol of Richard’s blog ( Richard had a photograph of a single male, perched on a bare branch in his garden, that I could use as a reference. It was significant in that it was taken quite a few years ago when the bird was much more numerous, it has been quite a few years since House Sparrows frequented the yard. Here in southwest NS, there are a few sites locally, but they are undoubtedly difficult to see. As the House Sparrow is a gregarious bird, I suggested adding another male and a female to the composition. Here is the finished picture.


8 x 10 inch, watercolour pencil on lightweight watercolour paper.

Thanks, Richard and Jean, for the chance to have a go at this great subject and for allowing me use the image on this blog.

Should anyone be interested in commissioned works, please Contact Me using the form for more details.


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