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I have been getting a lot of enjoyment from the bird portraits recently and have neglected other areas so, following completion of my Gyrfalcon study, I made a conscious effort to paint something else. During our trips around Cape Sable Island, and its environs, I have been taking photos of interesting scenes that might make a painting. As the area is big in lobster fishing, and there are lots of wharfs, there are inevitably lots of boats. They are so different from the birds that they are an interesting challenge, a chance to have a go at depicting some different surfaces (eg, timber, concrete, rock, sand) and an opportunity to work at improving my water textures. The boats can be very colourful, and provide a chance to use the Derwent Inktense pencils, a watersoluble ink-like pencil that produce quite bold colours. For that reason, they don’t get a lot of use in the bird paintings. To be honest, I didn’t use just the Inktense on this picture, much of the background, the shading of the white areas, the sky, sea and beach were completed using the standard watercolour pencils. Still, it is certainly a nice break from the greys and browns of the plumage pictures.

This wharf is virtually our local one, Stoney Island (otherwise known as Bulls Head Wharf). I had intended to try to paint a picture from each of our local wharfs, at least the ones on the island, but ended up duplicating this wharf because I liked the positioning of the boats against the unusually colourful wharf buildings- most buildings at wharfs are white!

nicholas q watermark

‘Stoney Island Wharf II’ 8 x 10 inch, Watercolour pencil on 90 lb cold press watercolour paper.

In case you are wondering, Stoney Island Wharf I looks like this:


These boats were on the other side of the wharf and the view is looking out to sea rather than inland.


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