Caran d'Ache Supracolor, Derwent Watercolour, Landscapes, Landscapes of Nova Scotia, Watercolour pencil

Low Tide Too

Another image of the flats between The Hawk and Cape Island, this time in a slightly different direction. I took this picture late last spring and always liked the desolate feel of the flats at low tide, along with the single little boat left stranded on the sands. There was a profusion of rocks and some old, mouldy, wooden posts; all things I rather like trying to paint, and that lend themselves to my structured approach. Maybe the pencils are not the best medium for landscapes, except (perhaps) these very detailed ones.

the hawk 2 rs watermark

My original photo-if you look closely at the horizon you can see the outline of a beached lobster boat; rumour has it that the skipper had had a few on his way back to port, and missed. I left that out of the painting, though.

I have seemingly settled on using a mixture of pencils from the two ‘top’ sets, Caran d’Ache Supracolor and Derwent Watercolour. Each set offers something different, and even colours with the same name can be subtly different in shade, allowing an extra depth. I kept a list of the colours used from each set, again for a bit of fun, and was astonished to find that a seemingly limited colour painting used 48 separate pencils!

Derwent: blue grey, gunmetal, French grey, silver grey, Vandyke brown, bronze, sepia, raw sienna, burnt umber, cedar green, olive green, sky blue, spectrum blue, blue violet, sky blue, grass green, raw umber, burnt carmine.

Caran d’Ache: cocoa, olive brown, beige, olive black, brownish beige, ivory black, bluish pale, sepia, silver grey, black, greyish black, light beige, grass green, olive grey, charcoal grey, moss green, grey, umber, light grey, green ochre, mouse grey, olive, reddish orange, gentian blue, bistre, cream, bluish grey, sky blue, indigo blue, Vandyke brown.

I’m sure that watercolour artists can get by using many fewer colours and blending the shades that they want, but I never really enjoyed that (getting a lot of mud shades myself). I really like that someone else has done much of the blending with all of these pencils.

low tide 2 rs watermark

‘Low Tide II’, 8 x 10 inch, watercolour pencil on 140 lb cold press watercolour paper.


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