Birds in Art

I have been a birder (birdwatcher) for many years, first introduced to it by my husband, Mark. He has been involved in many aspects of birding, not least writing about it, so my first forays into bird art were to provide illustrations for his articles, newsletters and, more latterly, e-books. These were necessarily pen and ink drawings back in the 1990’s, when options for inserting colour pictures were limited.

Even recently, pen and ink has continued to be a favourite medium, but the discovery of coloured pencil, and in particular, watercolour pencil, has added a whole new area of interest.

evening-grosbeaks-rs  eastern-bluebird-rs  churn-rd-photo-rs  bw-warbler-rs common-loon-rs least-bittern-rs ivory-gull-rs belted-kingfisher-rs bc-chickadee-rs atlantic-puffin-rs mountain-bluebird-rs  dunlin-rs  common-loon-rs  buff-breasted-sandpiper-rs  merlin-female-rs  house-sparrows-vertical-watermark-rs  loafing-eiders-rs-watermark-copy cedar waxwings rs watermark