My Art in Books

My art features in a number of publications by Mark Dennis. Some of the publications are free, to check them out go to or via iTunes, Barnes and Noble or Kobo.


A site guide for visitors to Cape Sable Island – FREE – containing mostly maps.


Lavishly illustrated with pen and ink drawings of the birds twitched. I did all the art covers too! This one shows the driver picking from one of the many destinations visited during the year.


Local patch watching is something of a specialised field in Birding. The cover shows the author in a not untypical pose counting Black-tailed Godwits as they migrate through his patch, Colwick Country Park in Nottingham, England. More illustrations inside.



My first published cover – tales of a year-long quest to see and hear as many birds as possible in the UK in 1984. More inside. The garb is typical twitcher gear, especially the Green Flash sneakers. The birders’ credit card, so welcome to the penniless birder – tick now, pay later!


Inside I have maps and vignettes for this site guide, this one is FREE.


Fifteen years working on a country park and all that it entails, good and bad. The cover shows the park Landrover containing a sick Mute Swan that was being taken to the vet.


Two books in the pipeline. Big Enough (above) covers a big year of birding in North America. Another World tells of our first visits to North America, both will contain pen and ink drawings when published.



I am currently working on illustrations for The Birds of Cape Sable Island, most will be colour paintings using various media.