‘Going for Broke’ Illustrations

‘Going for Broke’ was Mark’s first foray into the e-book world. A humorous tale of  an accidental ‘Big Year’, back in 1984 when pagers, mobile phones, e-bird (the internet, even) and, for Mark, reliable personal transport were all a distant dream. For this book, my illustrations were mainly cartoon-driven, although there were a few bird vignettes and, even more fun, some of Mark’s own inimitable notebook artwork. This e-bbok is available from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.


ring-necked-parakeetRing-necked Parakeet.








crane-1White Stork





parachutingMark takes a parachute jump, details in the book!








biddy-snowy-owlElderly lady Snowy Owl








fetlar-snowy-owlA lifer Snowy Owl, plays peek-a-boo behind a wall.








fetlar-caravanSkint Birder accommodation 1.






beach-hotelSkint Birder accommodation 2.






little-terns-in-beerLittle Terns hovering over a pint. You will have to see the book for details why!








spoonbeakSpoonbill, not Roseate.
























norfolk-snakeThe ‘Norfolk Snake’.