Animals, Caran d'Ache Supracolor, Pets, Watercolour pencil


I can finally post this picture! The portrait of our cats was not my first try at animal portraiture, rather the above picture was. Lottie is a 'Newfiepoo', a mixture of Newfoundland and Poodle, and is the beloved pet of two of our best friends from the UK. We wanted to surprise them with a… Continue reading Ragamuffin

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Wild Thing

Well, having broken my duck on the 'animal image' thing, I thought I ought to consolidate and practice a bit more, and try drawing something wild. Whilst on holiday in British Columbia late last month, we visited E.C. Manning Provincial Park in the Cascades Mountains, right on the border with Washington State, USA. We did… Continue reading Wild Thing

Animals, Pets, Watercolour pencil

The Girls…

I have shied away a little from animal pictures but, really, as a 'wildlife' artist, I think that animals must be a part of the portfolio, so I decided to have a go and chose a handy subject, our own pet cats, for the first go. I know they are hardly wild, although they can get pretty riled… Continue reading The Girls…