Trying Something New…

So far I have drawn birds, boats and a few landscapes, so I thought it about time I tried something different. I do enjoy the birds so much that it can be a wrench to choose another subject, so I determined that it would be something very colourful, especially after the almost monochrome Avocets. I had a photo in my files of a little lizard, taken in Panama a few years ago. I had always liked the pose, it sort of popped up from behind a mossy log whilst we were making our way down a forest trail and it was very tiny, about 3 inches long, nose to tail. Although small, it packed a lot of punch, colour-wise and I got to use a lot of new pencils on this one.

redhead lizard rs watermarked copy

Although I had not previously been able to identify this lizard, I had another go (with the aid of the internet, of course). This time I was able to pinpoint it as a male Yellow-headed Gecko (Gonatodes albogularis), although its common name hardly does justice to the intensity of the colouration of the head, not to mention the bright blue to purple tones of the body. A surprisingly large number of pencil shades went into this. As a result I rather skimped the foreground of the mossy log, but the focus on the lizard made it difficult to pick out detail anyway. The final drawing is much larger than the lizard is in real life.

yellow headed gecko rs watermark

‘Peek-a-boo’, male Yellow-headed Gecko, 5 x 7 inch, watercolour pencil (Caran d’Ache Supracolor) on 140 lb cold press watercolour paper (Canson XL).

I enjoyed doing this picture, but not as much as drawing the birds. A change is as good as a rest, though, so I think I will go back to avian for my next picture!