Bird Art, Caran d'Ache Supracolor, Watercolour pencil

An Orchestra of Avocets

I have always liked Avocets. The European version, the Pied Avocet, used to be pretty rare in the UK when I started birdwatching and I remember going to see my first one. Mark said that they had bright blue legs and I didn't really believe him, but they do!  That was at Titchwell, in Norfolk,… Continue reading An Orchestra of Avocets

Bird Art, Nova Scotia bird art, Watercolour pencil

Piping Plovers

They will be back here anytime now, and Mark is checking the beaches daily! Piping Plovers are globally threatened and endangered, and are considered uncommon within their breeding range. In Canada, the best place to see them is undoubtedly the south shore of Nova Scotia, with Cape Sable Island (where we live) being a hot spot.… Continue reading Piping Plovers